Genealogy Of The COTTIER Family

of Knocksharry Farm, Isle Of Man

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Welcome to the history of the COTTIER family of the Isle Of Man in the British Isles.  The documented information on the COTTIER family has been researched and recorded by Noreen Cottier, Peel, Isle of Man. It covers the time from 1715 through 1971.  The following information, and the detail of the ancestry compiled by Noreen Cottier, is reprinted here and in the BARE family website.  Noreen passed in November, 2001 and this site is dedicated to her memory and all the work she did so we can share our Cottier roots.

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Follow the above link to the BARE Family ancestors on the Ultimate Family Tree website.  My grandmother, Jane COTTIER BARE, was born in 1899 in the Isle of Man.  She came to the United States with her family in 1900.  They settled in the Cleveland area of Ohio.  Her ancestry is detailed in the genealogy presented when you follow the hot link, along with other ancestors. 

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The Origin of the COTTIER Name

It is believed that the name 'COTTIER' was originally 'MacOtter' or son of Otter.  'Otter' in the Isle of Man:

'Cotter' and 'Cottier' appear in old records and in Parish Registers in several parts of the Isle of Man.  The present spelling of 'Cottier' is noted from about 1650.  By 1750 the spelling of 'Cotter' had disappeared from the Isle of Man.

Another belief held by many Manxmen is that the name of 'Cottier' derives from two Hugenot families of that name who escaped from France about 1572 and settled in the Isle of Man.

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Knocksharry Farm, about two miles north of Peel, was owned by the COTTIER family in 1700 and in 1600.  Ownership for the years prior to 1700 could be verified at the Registry Office, Finch Road in Douglas, Isle of Man.

The name Knocksharry is derived from the Manx.  'Knock' is the word for a hill and 'sharragh' means a foal.  Foal's Hill.....Knocksharry.  Below is a map of Knocksharry Farm as it would have been about 1867, after John COTTIER (1819-1894) had sold.

  1. 138 acres and 1a - 49 acres, William Woods
  2. 80 acres, Joseph Baume
  3. 6 acres, Thos. Kneale

John COTTIER sold Knocksharry Farm sometime between 1845-1865.  He went to the USA probably in 1858, taking with him the seven children, his wife, and a maid.  One son, James Sewell, was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  It is probable that John visited his half-brothers, Hugh and William Quay in Michigan at this time because it was two years before the family returned to the Isle of Man.

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I will be continuing to update this website as more information is collected.  If you think you have a match with any of my family and would like to share or add to this history,  or if you have any comments or suggestions,  please send me an email at

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