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Can you connect these Bare bits and pieces to your family?

#1.  The poor Jacob Baer below had the same problems with the name as we do...only in this instance it denied his Revolutionary War pension until it was evidenced that he was NOT the Jacob Baer that had already been paid a pension.  It might not cost us a livelyhood, but boy can we relate to the confusion!

Pennsylvania (Pittsg)Jacob Baer

of Westmoreland in the State of Pennsylvania who was a private in the company commanded by Captain Drexter of the Regt commanded by Col. Geiger in the Penna. militia for six months. 

Inscribed on the Roll of Pennsylvania [illeg.] at the rate of 20 Dollars – Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831.  Certificate of Pension issued the 8th day of Jany 1836 and sent to Hon. [illeg.][Klingensmith?] N.R. 

Arrears to the 4th of Sept. 1835                    $ 90.—

Semi-[illeg.] allowance ending 4 Mch ’36 _ 10  $ 100. –

Revolutionary Claim Act June 7, 1832 Recorded by Wm. Allison Clerk, Book E. 2 Vol. 5 Page 117 

Order to pay Pitts[illeg.] Accnt June 13, 1837

let to [illeg.] Aug [illeg.]

Let to [illeg.] Act. [illeg.] 49 [illeg.] 

State of Pennsylvania   Westmoreland County  [illeg.]

On the Sixth day of October Eighteen hundred and thirty four Personally Appeared in open Court before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in the County and State aforesaid, Now Sitting, Jacob Baer, a Resident of Allegheny township in the County and State aforesaid, aged Seventy Seven years ie 77 years past, Who being first duly Sworn According to law, doth on his Solemn Oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress of 7th June 1832. — That he entered the Service of the United States under the following named Officers and served as he states. — In the year 1780 In the Month of July about the Ninth I was draughted for Two Months in Captain Peter Drexter’s Company. Col. Geiger Commanding. I assembled with the rest of Capt. Drexter’s Company at Allentown Lehigh County Penna. were I was under the Command of Col. William Geiger, from Allentown I marched to Gushahuppen [Goschenhoppen in Montgomery County] where I remained on duty about twelve days and from thence I Was Ordered to Philadelphia, where I arrived by the way of Germanstown a few days after, from Phila. I went to Trenton, and from thence to Elisabethtown New Jersey, Where I was discharged having been in the service Two Months and 10 or 12 days. In the year 1779. I Volunteered in Capt Peter [Hartz’s?] Company Col. George Brinigh Commanding, I marched from Heidelberg Where I volunteered and entered the Service, about the Middle of April) [illeg., crossed-out] across the Blue Ridge to East Penn to the garrison where [scouts?] had been stationed during the Winter to guard the Settlement against the depredations of the Indians. While in this service I was frequently in scouting parties, and suffered from Cold and hunger very much, after having been in this Service two Months I was discharged and returned home, about the Middle of June — In the same year, about the First of August. I was draughted in Captain Moyers Company the place of rendeveuz was at Allentown in Northampton County Penna., and from Allentown, I marched [over?] the big pine swamp to Knottenhead [Gnadenhuetten, near Lehighton], and thence through the Wind Gap to Wyoming, to a station Called the Wyoming garrison, near the Susquehannah River. The company to which I belonged consisting of Sixty men, was stationed in the garrison already named, under the Command of Col. Geo. Brinigh. This service consisted of scouting and guarding the settlements of Wyoming and Mahanoy Valley from the [illeg.] of the Indians, who came down the river for [massacre?] and plunder. The Indians having now withdrew I was discharged having been in the service one Month and twenty six days. By reason of Old age [frailty?] in [funety?] and the correspondent loss of memory I am unable to state the precise time I entered the Service, or the precise time I left it, but I am certain I served not less than the period mentioned below to wit  Six Months and Six Days, as a private, and for such service I Claim a Pension, I have No documentary evidence of my Service, and I Know of no person Whose testimony I can obtain who can testify to the same. I Hereby Relinquish every Claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the Pension Roll of the agency of any State.


1.   Where and in What year were you born?

Ans. [illeg. sentence, crossed out] And I was born in Northampton County, Pennsylvania on the 12th of March AD 1757.

2.   Have you any record of your age, and if so, where is it? 

Ans. I have no record of my age, but I am certain that I have given my age correctly from the Information which I received from my parents — 

3.   Where Were you living when you Entered the service, Where have you lived since the Revolution, and where do you Now live? 

Ans. When I entered the Service I lived in Pennsylvania  Northampton County and from thence I removed to Westmoreland County where I have resided [for? from?] thirty Six years past.

4.   How Were you Called into the Service — Where you drafted, did you volunteer, or were you a substitute, and if a substitute, for whom?

Ans. I was drafted, once, and twice I volunteered, as I have already stated.

5.   State the names of some of the regular Officers Who Were with the troops when you served, such Continental and Miltia Regts. as you can recollect, and the general circumstances of your service?

Ans. For Answer to the fifth Interrogatory I refer to my foregoing declaration.

6.   Did you ever receive a Discharge from the Service and if So what has become of it?

Ans. I rec’d but my [battalion?] discharge to the best of my recollection, that was from Col. Brinigh, but it is long since lost.

7 State the names of persons to Whom you are Known in your present Neighbourhood, and who Can testify to your Character for honesty and good behaviour and your service as a Soldier of the Revolution.

Ans. There is no Person in my Neighbourhood or else were to my Knowledge, that can testify to my Service as a Soldier of the Revolution. But Jacob Miller and Simon Drum Esquire can testify to my Character [illeg.] veracity and good behaviour.

Sworn & Subscribed in Open Court the day & year Aforesaid —

[signature:] Jacob Bär

before the Randal McLaughlin [Prot? Prob?]

The above inter[illeg.] as to the birth place & residence of declarant were madebefore the Oath was administered

Randal McLaughlin       [Prot? Prob?]

Westmoreland County [illeg.] personally appeared before me The undersigned Subscriber a Justice of the pease in [illeg.] for Said County George Bare of Washington Township in Said County and after being Sworn according to Law did Depose & Say as follows To My Certain Knoledge Jacob Bare Who has made application for a pension last Spring Was in the Revolutionary army two tours during the Revolutionary War and I am Certain he Was in the Service upward of [Five?] months at one time But how long he Served altogether I am unable to State Exactly I am Sixty three years old & my brother Jacob the applicant is Eleven years older than my Self. I Was Ten years old & upward When Jacob was in the army. We lived in Northampton County Penna. When he Was in the army that part which now is Caulled Lehigh near Allenstown sworn to & Subscribed before me this 24th day of August AD 1835                                   [signature:] Georg Bär

John [W. Quaide? McQuaide?]

Greensburgh  Dec. 29th 1835

Dear Sir, 

I Received yours of Dec. 24. relative to the Pension papers of Jacob Baer, of Westmoreland County, you inform me that a Jacob Bare of Green County Penna. has had a pension granted to him in 1833, and upon examination of the signature appended to the papers Sent by me they appear to be the same. 

The papers of Jacob Baer of Westmoreland County have been sent, to your office about one year ago, and as [appeard by?] a letter from your department, held under consideration. 

The coincidence is very remarkable, but I can furnish any evidence that the department may require, that Jacob Baer the present applicant is not the same Whose papers were sent from Green County — This fact can be Established that Jacob Baer of Westmoreland County has resided in Hempfield Township near Greensburgh, West. County for upwards of Twenty years, and the last five or six years in Allegheny Township in this County. He never lived in Green County nor did he ever receive a pension [phrase crossed out] or [annuity?] for his services. — He now is and for some time has been a charge upon his relatives who support him, and being intimately acquainted with him and his circumstances if ever a pension had been paid to him I would have Known something of it. The Hon. John Klingensmith, Who is now in Congress is well acquainted with the applicant, and can state the same facts 

I am your J. J. Edwards Esquire  ob’t. humble servant

John F. Beaver 

I was one of the vouchers for Jacob Baer and am acquainted with the facts Stated above my Mr. Beavers.

[illegible signature: Linn Davis?]

Post master 

Can you identify this Jacob Baer above?  This Jacob Baer was born in 1756.  Our Jacob Bare, Sr was born in 1776/8.  This Jacob Baer was living in Allegheny County, Penn in 1832...  Of course it could be our Jacob Sr's uncle, brother to his father John ... and then it could be.... well you get the point!  If you recognize this Jacob Baer please let me know who he belongs to!   mjbare@prodigy.net

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